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Using the Test Directory

The goal of our online Test Directory is to allow you to identify the right test for your needs, determine whether it is available through Cleveland Clinic Laboratories and determine the specimen collection requirements.

The Test Directory includes current clinical and interpretation information for each test, as well as coding and billing information. For more in-depth background on the newest tests in our catalog, please see our Technical Briefs.

How to Search for Test Information

Use the Test Directory search, located in the upper-right corner of every page, to find information on all of the tests on our extensive test menu.

  1. Search by:
    • Test Name: Use one or more words related to the test name. This is the most common type of search
    • Ordering mnemonic: Enter the Cleveland Clinic abbreviation used for this test in our Test Directory. This is most useful if you frequently order this test and know the mnemonic.
    • Billing code: Enter the Cleveland Clinic billing number to go directly to a specific test.
    • CPT code: Enter the standardized CPT code from the American Medical Association directory to go directly to a specific test.
  2. Review test information
    • Test information will include:
      • Test name
      • Clinical information
      • Specimen collection instructions
      • Values and interpretation
  3. Search Tips
    • Be as complete as possible when searching by test name. Using full words is usually better than using abbreviations.
    • Cleveland Clinic Laboratories clients enjoy expanded test information and search capabilities. Clients may search on partial test names and access our complete library of forms.
  4. Help
    • Can’t find what you need? Have questions about a test? Our knowledgeable and experienced laboratory staff is here 24/7 to help. Please call us at (800) 628-6816.

Shipping Information

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    U.S. Mail

    Cleveland Clinic Laboratories
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    Please contact client services by calling (800) 628-6816
    Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week