November 2018: Changes to Melatonin (MELAT) Testing

Immediate Test Changes

Changes to Melatonin (MELAT) Testing

Effective November 14, 2018.

Specimen Requirements
3 mL plasma in a Lavender BD Hemogard™ K2EDTA Tube
Note: Draw two tubes to ensure adequate volume.

• Minimum volume: 1 mL

Specimen Collection
Patient Preparation: Fasting specimen preferred.

Centrifuge the tubes, then transfer plasma into a standard aliquot tube before freezing the specimen.

• Transport Temperature: Frozen

Additional Information
Melatonin concentration varies with light and dark cycles: concentration is lower during the day and higher at night.Patients treated with pituitary or steroid hormones influence the concentration.  Hormones should be discontinued for two days prior to collection.

Alternative Specimen Types
• 3 mL serum in a Gold BD Hemogard™ Serum Separation Tube (SST)™

• 3 mL serum in a Red BD Hemogard™ Serum Tube (No Additive)

Any additional information will be included in a future Technical Update.  If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Client Services for assistance.