Pathology Consultative Services


The Dermatopathology Consultative Service offers a complete cutaneous disease diagnostic program, including evaluation of wet tissue specimens and expert second opinion consultations.

Our staff members are board-certified dermatopathologists with extensive experience in the diagnosis of neoplastic and inflammatory skin diseases.

Lupus panniculitis 100x

Dermatopathology Consultation Services

Second Opinion Consultation | Primary Diagnosis

Histology – Immunohistochemistry – Molecular Analysis

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories’ dermatopathologists collaborate closely with clinicians in the Cleveland Clinic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Institute to enhance diagnostic accuracy.

Each year, the dermatopathology service group provides expert diagnosis and second opinions for more than 25,000 in-house and referral cases, including the rarest and most complex cases in the field. Our service attracts consultations from dermatologists across the United States and around the world.

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Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Institute

Cleveland Clinic’s Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Institute offers patients a full range of dermatologic, reconstructive, and aesthetic services.

Our physicians and staff are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of these medical and surgical procedures, creating new standards of innovation, and adding value to the patient care experience.

Our staff pathologists supports the Institute with expert diagnosis of many dermatological conditions, such as:

Adenoid cystic carcinoma perineural invasion

Fast Results

Turnaround for most dermatopathology cases is within 48 hours.

Cryptococcosis subQ 6-4

Expert Consultation

Our staff is available for consultation during any stage of diagnosis or treatment.

Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans DFSP

Flexible Billing Solutions

Options include third-party and client billing that can be customized to your needs.

Pagetoid reticulosis 200

Reporting Options

Concise, in-depth reports are available for each consultation.

Dermatopathology Staff

Our staff members are board-certified dermatopathologists with extensive experience in the diagnosis of neoplastic and inflammatory skin diseases.

Their interests and diagnostic capabilities cover the entire range of cutaneous diseases, including melanocytic lesions, cutaneous lymphocytic tumors, cutaneous soft tissue tumors, inflammatory skin diseases, and alopecia.

Interested in Sending a Pathology Consult?

Our pathologists are nationally- and internationally-recognized experts who are widely acknowledged for their expertise in their subspecialties as well as for their contributions to research and advancements in diagnostic pathology.

Jennifer Ko, MD, PhD

Jennifer Ko, MD, PhD
Co-Section Head, Dermatopathology

Melissa P. Piliang, MD

Melissa Piliang, MD
Co-Section Head, Dermatopathology

Wilma F. Bergfeld, MD

Wilma Bergfeld, MD

Steven D. Billings, MD

Steven Billings, MD

Anthony P. Fernandez, MD, PhD

Anthony Fernandez, MD, PhD

Shira Ronen, MD

Shira Ronen, MD