Soft Tissue & Bone Pathology

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Soft Tissue & Bone Pathology

The Soft Tissue & Bone Pathology Consultative Service offers comprehensive evaluation of benign and malignant neoplasms arising in soft tissue and bone, as well as mesenchymal neoplasms of the skin and parenchymal organs.

These lesions are extremely rare and diverse in histologic appearance and biologic behavior, making accurate diagnosis, grading, and staging especially challenging.

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Soft Tissue & Bone Pathology Subspecialty Services

Primary Diagnosis  |  Second Opinion Consultation

Histology – Immunohistochemistry – Molecular Analysis

Our world-renowned pathologists are available to provide expert opinions on some of the most difficult cases in soft tissue and bone pathology.

In addition to outside consultative services, our staff also provides in-house diagnostic pathology through their clinical practice at Cleveland Clinic, a respected international tertiary referral center for cancer and musculoskeletal diseases.

Sending Soft Tissue & Bone Specimens for Consultation

Soft Tissue

Whenever possible, submit either one paraffin block or 12 unstained slides on charged/coated slides of the representative tumor for immunohistochemistry and/or molecular studies.

Bone Lesions

If available, please provide any radiographs or radiographic reports with the specimen.

Epithelioid malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor - soft tissue

Fast Results

Turnaround for most pathology cases is within 48 hours.

Ewing sarcoma - bone

Expert Consultation

Our staff is available for consultation during any stage of diagnosis or treatment.

Extraskeletal osteosarcoma - bone

Flexible Billing Solutions

Options include third-party and client billing that can be customized to your needs.

Myoepithelial carcinoma - soft tissue

Reporting Options

Concise, in-depth reports are available for each consultation.

Soft Tissue & Bone Pathology Staff

Our staff members are subspecialty-trained in soft tissue and bone pathology, with years of subspecialty practice in a challenging multidisciplinary academic environment.

Our pathologists have unparalleled expertise in their fields and have written authoritative work on many of these lesions.

Interested in Sending a Pathology Consult?

Our pathologists are nationally- and internationally-recognized experts who are widely acknowledged for their expertise in their subspecialties as well as for their contributions to research and advancements in diagnostic pathology.

Karen Fritchie, MD

Karen Fritchie, MD
Director, Soft Tissue Pathology

Scott Kilpatrick, MD

Scott Kilpatrick, MD
Director, Orthopaedic Pathology
Medical Director, CCL Anatomic Pathology Services

Steven D. Billings, MD

Steven D. Billings, MD

Josephine Dermawan, MD, PhD

Josephine Dermawan, MD, PhD

John Goldblum, MD

John Goldblum, MD
Chair, Department of Pathology

John Reith, MD

Brian Rubin, MD, PhD

Brian Rubin, MD, PhD
Chair, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Institute