Pathology Consultative Services

Pathology Consultative Services

Pathology plays a vital role in patient care through disease diagnosis and management.

Pathologists, community-based clinicians, and institutions rely on Cleveland Clinic Laboratories to deliver comprehensive, personalized pathology services which are supported by integrated molecular and clinical laboratory testing.

The same staff of more than 80 anatomic pathologists that provides diagnostic interpretations for Cleveland Clinic patients also offers the same diagnostic services for clients.

Subspecialty Consultative Services

Pathology specimens submitted to Cleveland Clinic Laboratories are triaged to an expert team comprised of the same subspecialty-trained anatomic pathologists that provide diagnostic services for Cleveland Clinic patients.

Each subspecialty service regularly conducts consensus review sessions of unique and challenging cases to leverage the diagnostic expertise of each team member. Through the close working relationships between our staff and Cleveland Clinic clinicians, our pathologists maintain a high level of expertise and understanding of the clinical and therapeutic aspects of their diagnoses.

Our clients receive expert primary diagnoses, second opinion consults, and subspecialty consultations that form the basis for effective patient care.

Subspecialty Practice Model

Surgical pathologists at Cleveland Clinic Laboratories practice in a full subspecialty model with expertise in multiple subspecialties within anatomic pathology.

Our staff employs leading laboratory technologies — including electron microscopy, one of the most extensive IHC menus in the country, and ePathology — to help make accurate diagnoses and communicate them with clinicians.

Each year, our subspecialty pathologists interpret more than 220,000 surgical pathology cases and 90,000 cytology specimens, including more than 22,000 non-gynecologic specimens.

Center for ePathology

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories uses the latest technology in high-resolution digital scanning and web-based image viewers to supplement conventional surgical pathology consultative diagnostic services.

Digital pathology slide images can be viewed anywhere and anytime, accelerating turnaround times and providing accessibility and convenience for secondary consults, collaborative diagnoses and projects, training, and archiving.

For consultation clients who seek immunohistochemical stains without interpretation, Cleveland Clinic Laboratories also offers eIHC services.

Research & Development

Research and development is an essential activity of our laboratories—we strive to develop new tests to better diagnose disease and manage patients.

Translational research efforts span a wide variety of activities, which include predictive and prognostic biomarker development, clinical trials, correlative science, and new assay development funded through governmental and non-governmental sources.

Our collaborators include local, national, and international partners.

Laboratory research and development

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