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March 2019: Changes to PR1433, GM1BM, OMEGAC

Immediate Test Changes

Changes to 14-3-3 Protein, CSF (PR1433), Ganglioside Antibody Panel (GM1BM), and OmegaCheck (OMEGAC)

14-3-3 Protein, CSF (PR1433)

Effective March 22, 2019.

Effective immediately, 14-3-3 Protein, CSF (PR1433) is discontinued with no recommended replacement.

The performing laboratory is evaluating new reagents; if these are found to be acceptable, this test may be reactivated in the future.

Ganglioside Antibody Panel (GM1BM)

Effective April 18, 2019.

Ganglioside Antibody Panel (GM1BM) will be discontinued on April 18, 2019.

We suggest ordering Ganglioside Antibodies (GANGAB).

OmegaCheck (OMEGA)

Effective April 22, 2019.

Changes to Reference Ranges

> 5.4% by wt

Arachidonic Acid/EPA Ratio:
3.7 – 40.7

Omega-6/3 Ratio:
3.7 – 14.4

0.2 – 2.3% by wt

0.8 – 1.8% by wt

1.4 – 5.1% by wt

Arachidonic Acid:
8.6 – 15.6% by wt

Linoleic Acid:
18.6 – 29.5% by wt

Any additional information will be included in a future Technical Update.  If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Client Services for assistance.