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Healthcare Provider Resources

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Quick Reference User Guide

Cleveland Clinic e-Lab Community is powered by Clinisys Atlas (formerly Sunquest).

This browser-based application securely connects healthcare providers to order tests and review results.

Need assistance? Contact the Reference Laboratory Outreach Group.

Healthcare Provider Resources

Place an Order for a Test

Step 1:

Use the Patient Search to find a patient, then select Create New Order.

Step 2:

Complete all required fields indicated in red.

Step 3:

Select a Test Code, Diagnosis Code, and answer any questions linked to the selected test(s).

Step 1: Patient Search

  1. After logging in, the Patient Search appears on the screen.
  1. Search for a patient using their Last Name, First Name, or patient ID
  1. Select the Magnifying Glass or press Enter to display a list of matching records.

If the patient is unable to be located in the system, you can Create a New Patient Record.

  1. Select the patient, then select Create New Order.
  1. Verify that the patient demographics are correct.
    • If the patient information needs updates, select the Pencil icon next to the patient’s name to edit the listed details.

Step 2: Order Information

Several fields are automatically populated with data from the patient’s record. Add or modify the information as needed. Required fields are indicated in red.

Step 3: Selecting Test & Diagnosis Code(s)

  1. Choose a test from the Test Short List, or search for and select a test from the Tests search.
  1. After choosing the test(s), select Continue.
  1. Select a diagnosis code from the Short List, or search using the diagnosis code, name, or mnemonic.
  1. After indicating the code(s), select Continue.
    • Note: The Questions section appears if a selected test(s) requires additional information.

Create a New Patient Record

Before creating a new patient record, verify that the patient is new.

  • Search for a patient by their last and first name in the Patient Search.
  • If no records appear, select Add New Patient.

Step 1: Enter Patient Demographic Information

  1. Select the Billing Type from the dropdown list.

  1. Fill in all required fields indicated in red.

If the billing type is Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, the Save & Add Insurance button will appear.

When saving information on a patient record, any of the following buttons may be displayed depending on the billing type selected:

  • Cancel
  • Save
  • Add Insurance
  • Save & Add Insurance
  • Continue To New Order
  • Save & Continue To New Order

Step 2: Enter Patient Insurance Information

  1. Select a Primary Insurance Provider from the dropdown list.
  1. Enter the Policy Number.
  1. Enter the Subscriber’s name (Last, First).
  1. To add a Secondary Insurance Provider, select Add New Provider and enter the secondary insurance information.
  1. Once the required information is entered, select Save or Save & Continue to New Order.

Need Help?

e-Lab Community Support

For assistance with e-Lab Community access, contact the Reference Laboratory Outreach Group at [email protected].

Laboratory Questions

For test-related questions, contact Client Services at 1.800.628.6816 – representatives are available 24/7.

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