February 2022: Immediate Test Discontinuation – Digoxin, Free, Serum (DIGFR)

Immediate Test Change

Immediate Test Discontinuation: Digoxin, Free, Serum (DIGFR)

April 7, 2022: Digoxin, Free, Serum (DIGFR) testing has resumed, and DIGFR ordering has been re-enabled.

For more information, please contact Client Services for assistance.

Digoxin, Free, Serum (DIGFR)

Effective February 28, 2022.

Due to supply issues, Digoxin, Free, Serum (DIGFR) testing is temporarily discontinued effective immediately.

Any new DIGFR orders placed after February 28, 2022 will be canceled.

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories will provide an update when Digoxin, Free, Serum testing is available again.

Alternative Tests:

Digoxin, Unbound, Serum or Plasma (790952) testing is available through LabCorp.

CCL Test Order: Miscellaneous test

  • If a result is required for situations of digoxin toxicity, please order Digoxin, Unbound, Serum or Plasma (790952) from LabCorp as a miscellaneous test.
  • Samples should be collected in a Green Sodium Heparin or Red (Serum) No Additive tube.
  • Transport specimens refrigerated.