Blood Parasite Microscopy Only

Test Mnemonic


CPT Codes

  • 87207 - QTY (1)
  • 87015 - QTY (1)
  • 85032 - reflex - QTY (1)




  • Babesia
  • babesiosis

Performing Laboratory

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
2 mLBloodEDTA (Lavender)AmbientAmbientMust deliver to laboratory immediately. Specimen must be received in the Microbiology lab within 4 hours. Rapid results can be critical to establishing appropriate therapy


Environmental Condition Description
Ambient24 hours
Refrigerated24 hours

Days Performed

7 days a week

Turnaround Time

2 days


Name Description
Giemsa Stain 

Special Info

Indicate travel history on the requisition. Peripheral blood should be drawn prior to the onset of chills, if possible. Rapid results can be critical to establishing appropriate therapy. Order will include a microscopy review (thick and thin smears) and pathologist review of all positive microscopic results. Preliminary results will be reported within 24-48 hours. For positive smears, the percentage of parasitemia is calculated with an additional charge of CPT code 85032. All positive blood smears are reviewed by a medical director with CPT code 87207 applied.

Clinical Info

Test should be ordered to rule out parasitic infection due to Babesia. Limitation: One negative result does not rule out the possibility of parasitic infection.