Insulin Like Growth Factor 1

Test Mnemonic


CPT Codes

  • 84305 - QTY (1)




  • IGF 1
  • ILGF1
  • Somatomedin C

Performing Laboratory

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
1 mLSerumSST (Gold) Frozen 

Alternate Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
1 mLSerumNo additive (Red)   

Minimum Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
0.5 mL     


Environmental Condition Description
Ambient24 hours
Frozen14 days
Refrigerated7 days

Days Performed

Mon, Wed, Fri

Turnaround Time

1 - 3 days


Name Description
Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) 

Reference Range

Insulin Like Growth Factor 1
Sex Age From Age To Type Range Range Unit
Male  Months11 MonthsNormal11 - 100ng/mL
Male1 Years2 YearsNormal12 - 120ng/mL
Male2 Years3 YearsNormal13 - 143ng/mL
Male3 Years4 YearsNormal14 - 169ng/mL
Male4 Years5 YearsNormal15 - 200ng/mL
Male5 Years6 YearsNormal16 - 233ng/mL
Male6 Years7 YearsNormal17 - 269ng/mL
Male7 Years8 YearsNormal18 - 307ng/mL
Male8 Years9 YearsNormal20 - 347ng/mL
Male9 Years10 YearsNormal23 - 386ng/mL
Male10 Years11 YearsNormal29 - 424ng/mL
Male11 Years12 YearsNormal37 - 459ng/mL
Male12 Years13 YearsNormal49 - 487ng/mL
Male13 Years14 YearsNormal64 - 508ng/mL
Male14 Years15 YearsNormal83 - 519ng/mL
Male15 Years16 YearsNormal102 - 520ng/mL
Male16 Years17 YearsNormal119 - 511ng/mL
Male17 Years18 YearsNormal131 - 490ng/mL
Male18 Years19 YearsNormal137 - 461ng/mL
Male19 Years20 YearsNormal137 - 428ng/mL
Male20 Years21 YearsNormal133 - 395ng/mL
Male21 Years22 YearsNormal127 - 364ng/mL
Male22 Years23 YearsNormal120 - 338ng/mL
Male23 Years24 YearsNormal112 - 316ng/mL
Male24 Years25 YearsNormal105 - 298ng/mL
Male25 Years26 YearsNormal99 - 283ng/mL
Male26 Years27 YearsNormal94 - 271ng/mL
Male27 Years28 YearsNormal90 - 262ng/mL
Male28 Years29 YearsNormal87 - 255ng/mL
Male29 Years30 YearsNormal84 - 250ng/mL
Male30 Years31 YearsNormal83 - 246ng/mL
Male31 Years32 YearsNormal82 - 244ng/mL
Male32 Years33 YearsNormal82 - 243ng/mL
Male33 Years34 YearsNormal82 - 242ng/mL
Male34 Years35 YearsNormal82 - 242ng/mL
Male35 Years36 YearsNormal83 - 241ng/mL
Male36 Years37 YearsNormal83 - 240ng/mL
Male37 Years38 YearsNormal83 - 239ng/mL
Male38 Years39 YearsNormal83 - 238ng/mL
Male39 Years40 YearsNormal83 - 238ng/mL
Male40 Years41 YearsNormal82 - 237ng/mL
Male41 Years42 YearsNormal81 - 236ng/mL
Male42 Years43 YearsNormal80 - 235ng/mL
Male43 Years44 YearsNormal78 - 233ng/mL
Male44 Years45 YearsNormal76 - 230ng/mL
Male45 Years46 YearsNormal74 - 227ng/mL
Male46 Years47 YearsNormal72 - 225ng/mL
Male47 Years48 YearsNormal71 - 224ng/mL
Male48 Years49 YearsNormal69 - 224ng/mL
Male49 Years50 YearsNormal68 - 225ng/mL
Male50 Years51 YearsNormal67 - 225ng/mL
Male51 Years52 YearsNormal66 - 225ng/mL
Male52 Years53 YearsNormal65 - 222ng/mL
Male53 Years54 YearsNormal64 - 218ng/mL
Male54 Years55 YearsNormal62 - 214ng/mL
Male55 Years56 YearsNormal61 - 210ng/mL
Male56 Years57 YearsNormal59 - 206ng/mL
Male57 Years58 YearsNormal58 - 204ng/mL
Male58 Years59 YearsNormal56 - 203ng/mL
Male59 Years60 YearsNormal55 - 203ng/mL
Male60 Years61 YearsNormal53 - 206ng/mL
Male61 Years62 YearsNormal51 - 209ng/mL
Male62 Years63 YearsNormal49 - 214ng/mL
Male63 Years64 YearsNormal46 - 219ng/mL
Male64 Years65 YearsNormal43 - 225ng/mL
Male65 Years66 YearsNormal40 - 231ng/mL
Male66 Years67 YearsNormal37 - 236ng/mL
Male67 Years68 YearsNormal34 - 240ng/mL
Male68 Years69 YearsNormal31 - 243ng/mL
Male69 Years70 YearsNormal29 - 245ng/mL
Male70 Years71 YearsNormal27 - 246ng/mL
Male71 Years72 YearsNormal26 - 245ng/mL
Male72 Years73 YearsNormal25 - 242ng/mL
Male73 Years74 YearsNormal24 - 236ng/mL
Male74 Years75 YearsNormal23 - 229ng/mL
Male75 Years76 YearsNormal22 - 221ng/mL
Male76 Years77 YearsNormal22 - 212ng/mL
Male77 Years78 YearsNormal21 - 204ng/mL
Male78 Years79 YearsNormal20 - 196ng/mL
Male79 Years80 YearsNormal19 - 189ng/mL
Male80 Years81 YearsNormal18 - 184ng/mL
Male81 Years82 YearsNormal17 - 180ng/mL
Male82 Years83 YearsNormal16 - 177ng/mL
Male83 Years84 YearsNormal16 - 176ng/mL
Male84 Years85 YearsNormal16 - 176ng/mL
Male85 Years86 YearsNormal15 - 177ng/mL
       Males >86 Years = Not Established 
       Females >86 Years = Not Established 
Female  Months11 MonthsNormal8 - 131 ng/mL
Female1 Years2 YearsNormal9 - 146ng/mL
Female2 Years3 YearsNormal11 - 165ng/mL
Female3 Years4 YearsNormal13 - 187ng/mL
Female4 Years5 YearsNormal15 - 216ng/mL
Female5 Years6 YearsNormal19 - 251ng/mL
Female6 Years7 YearsNormal24 - 293ng/mL
Female7 Years8 YearsNormal30 - 342ng/mL
Female8 Years9 YearsNormal39 - 396ng/mL
Female9 Years10 YearsNormal49 - 451ng/mL
Female10 Years11 YearsNormal62 - 504ng/mL
Female11 Years12 YearsNormal76 - 549ng/mL
Female12 Years13 YearsNormal90 - 581ng/mL
Female13 Years14 YearsNormal104 - 596ng/mL
Female14 Years15 YearsNormal115 - 591ng/mL
Female15 Years16 YearsNormal121 - 564ng/mL
Female16 Years17 YearsNormal122 - 524ng/mL
Female17 Years18 YearsNormal120 - 479ng/mL
Female18 Years19 YearsNormal117 - 436ng/mL
Female19 Years20 YearsNormal113 - 399ng/mL
Female20 Years21 YearsNormal109 - 372ng/mL
Female21 Years22 YearsNormal107 - 351ng/mL
Female22 Years23 YearsNormal105 - 337ng/mL
Female23 Years24 YearsNormal103 - 326ng/mL
Female24 Years25 YearsNormal102 - 317ng/mL
Female25 Years26 YearsNormal100 - 311ng/mL
Female26 Years27 YearsNormal98 - 305ng/mL
Female27 Years28 YearsNormal96 - 301ng/mL
Female28 Years29 YearsNormal93 - 297ng/mL
Female29 Years30 YearsNormal91 - 293ng/mL
Female30 Years31 YearsNormal89 - 290ng/mL
Female31 Years32 YearsNormal87 - 286ng/mL
Female32 Years33 YearsNormal85 - 283ng/mL
Female33 Years34 YearsNormal83 - 280ng/mL
Female34 Years35 YearsNormal82 - 279ng/mL
Female35 Years36 YearsNormal81 - 278ng/mL
Female36 Years37 YearsNormal80 - 277ng/mL
Female37 Years38 YearsNormal80 - 277ng/mL
Female38 Years39 YearsNormal79 - 276ng/mL
Female39 Years40 YearsNormal78 - 274ng/mL
Female40 Years41 YearsNormal76 - 271ng/mL
Female41 Years42 YearsNormal75 - 267ng/mL
Female42 Years43 YearsNormal73 - 263ng/mL
Female43 Years44 YearsNormal71 - 258ng/mL
Female44 Years45 YearsNormal69 - 253ng/mL
Female45 Years46 YearsNormal66 - 249ng/mL
Female46 Years47 YearsNormal64 - 246ng/mL
Female47 Years48 YearsNormal62 - 243ng/mL
Female48 Years49 YearsNormal60 - 240ng/mL
Female49 Years50 YearsNormal59 - 238ng/mL
Female50 Years51 YearsNormal57 - 236ng/mL
Female51 Years52 YearsNormal55 - 235ng/mL
Female52 Years53 YearsNormal53 - 234ng/mL
Female53 Years54 YearsNormal52 - 233ng/mL
Female54 Years55 YearsNormal51 - 233ng/mL
Female55 Years56 YearsNormal49 - 234ng/mL
Female56 Years57 YearsNormal48 - 235ng/mL
Female57 Years58 YearsNormal47 - 236ng/mL
Female58 Years59 YearsNormal46 - 238ng/mL
Female59 Years60 YearsNormal44 - 240ng/mL
Female60 Years61 YearsNormal43 - 241ng/mL
Female61 Years62 YearsNormal41 - 243ng/mL
Female62 Years63 YearsNormal40 - 244ng/mL
Female63 Years64 YearsNormal38 - 244ng/mL
Female64 Years65 YearsNormal36 - 244ng/mL
Female65 Years66 YearsNormal34 - 241ng/mL
Female66 Years67 YearsNormal32 - 238ng/mL
Female67 Years68 YearsNormal30 - 235ng/mL
Female68 Years69 YearsNormal28 - 231ng/mL
Female69 Years70 YearsNormal27 - 228ng/mL
Female70 Years71 YearsNormal26 - 226ng/mL
Female71 Years72 YearsNormal24 - 224ng/mL
Female72 Years73 YearsNormal24 - 222ng/mL
Female73 Years74 YearsNormal23 - 221ng/mL
Female74 Years75 YearsNormal22 - 220ng/mL
Female75 Years76 YearsNormal21 - 218ng/mL
Female76 Years77 YearsNormal20 - 216ng/mL
Female77 Years78 YearsNormal20 - 214ng/mL
Female78 Years79 YearsNormal19 - 210ng/mL
Female79 Years80 YearsNormal18 - 206ng/mL
Female80 Years81 YearsNormal18 - 200ng/mL
Female81 Years82 YearsNormal18 - 193ng/mL
Female82 Years83 YearsNormal17 - 186ng/mL
Female83 Years84 YearsNormal17 - 179ng/mL
Female84 Years85 YearsNormal17 - 173ng/mL
Female85 Years86 YearsNormal17 - 167ng/mL

Special Info

Grossly hemolyzed or lipemic samples are not recommended and should not be tested.

Clinical Limitation

Bacterial contamination or heat inactivation of the specimen may affect test results.