Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3

Test Mnemonic


CPT Codes

  • 82397 - QTY (1)


  • IGF Binding Protein - 3
  • IGFBP-3

Performing Laboratory

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
0.5 mLSerumSST (Gold) RefrigeratedRemove serum from cells within 2 hours of collection.

Alternate Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
0.5 mLSerumRed Plain RefrigeratedRemove serum from cells within 2 hours of collection.

Minimum Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
0.3 mL     


Environmental Condition Description
Ambient24 hours
Refrigerated5 days
Frozen8 months

Days Performed

Mon - Fri

Turnaround Time

2 - 3 days


Name Description
Electro Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (ECLIA) 

Reference Range

Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3
Sex Age From Age To Type Range Range Unit
Male  Years1 YearsNormal919 - 2782ng/mL
Male1 Years   Normal1030 - 2957ng/mL
Male2 Years   Normal1183 - 3306ng/mL
Male3 Years   Normal1343 - 3658ng/mL
Male4 Years   Normal1511 - 4013ng/mL
Male5 Years   Normal1687 - 4371ng/mL
Male6 Years   Normal1868 - 4727ng/mL
Male7 Years   Normal2053 - 5077ng/mL
Male8 Years   Normal2239 - 5419ng/mL
Male9 Years   Normal2423 - 5741ng/mL
Male10 Years   Normal2603 - 6044ng/mL
Male11 Years   Normal2775 – 6321ng/mL
Male12 Years   Normal2935 – 6565ng/mL
Male13 Years   Normal3080 – 6771ng/mL
Male14 Years   Normal3205 – 6933ng/mL
Male15 Years   Normal3306 – 7044ng/mL
Male16 Years   Normal3379 – 7099ng/mL
Male17 Years   Normal3423 – 7098ng/mL
Male18 Years   Normal3441 - 7053ng/mL
Male19 Years   Normal3439 – 6973ng/mL
Male20 Years   Normal3420 – 6870ng/mL
Male21 Years   Normal3390 – 6753ng/mL
Male22 Years   Normal3352 – 6630ng/mL
Male23 Years   Normal3310 – 6508ng/mL
Male24 Years   Normal3267 – 6392ng/mL
Male25 Years   Normal3225 – 6290ng/mL
Male26 Years   Normal3188 – 6201ng/mL
Male27 Years   Normal3154 – 6127ng/mL
Male28 Years   Normal3125 – 6069ng/mL
Male29 Years   Normal3102 – 6027ng/mL
Male30 Years   Normal3082 – 5996ng/mL
Male31 Years   Normal3064 – 5974ng/mL
Male32 Years   Normal3046 – 5955ng/mL
Male33 Years   Normal3026 – 5937ng/mL
Male34 Years   Normal3004 – 5919ng/mL
Male35 Years   Normal2981 – 5902ng/mL
Male36 Years   Normal2956 – 5886ng/mL
Male37 Years   Normal2930 – 5871ng/mL
Male38 Years   Normal2903 – 5858ng/mL
Male39 Years   Normal2875 – 5848ng/mL
Male40 Years   Normal2846 – 5839ng/mL
Male41 Years   Normal2817 – 5832ng/mL
Male42 Years   Normal2787 – 5828ng/mL
Male43 Years   Normal2757 – 5826ng/mL
Male44 Years   Normal2726 – 5827ng/mL
Male45 Years   Normal2696 – 5829ng/mL
Male46 Years   Normal2666 – 5835ng/mL
Male47 Years   Normal2637 – 5845ng/mL
Male48 Years   Normal2609 – 5860ng/mL
Male49 Years   Normal2584 – 5881ng/mL
Male50 Years   Normal2560 – 5904ng/mL
Male51 Years   Normal2534 – 5923ng/mL
Male52 Years   Normal2504 – 5933ng/mL
Male53 Years   Normal2468 – 5927ng/mL
Male54 Years   Normal2427 – 5906ng/mL
Male55 Years   Normal2382 – 5874ng/mL
Male56 Years   Normal2336 – 5836ng/mL
Male57 Years   Normal2291 – 5795ng/mL
Male58 Years   Normal2248 – 5756ng/mL
Male59 Years   Normal2208 – 5722ng/mL
Male60 Years   Normal2172 – 5694ng/mL
Male61 Years   Normal2142 – 5677ng/mL
Male62 Years   Normal2116 – 5668ng/mL
Male63 Years   Normal2093 – 5663ng/mL
Male64 Years   Normal2069 – 5657ng/mL
Male65 Years   Normal2044 – 5645ng/mL
Male66 Years   Normal2016 – 5625ng/mL
Male67 Years   Normal1985 – 5597ng/mL
Male68 Years   Normal1952 – 5562ng/mL
Male69 Years   Normal1917 – 5521ng/mL
Male70 Years   Normal1879 – 5472ng/mL
Male71 Years   Normal1839 – 5416ng/mL
Male72 Years   Normal1796 – 5349ng/mL
Male73 Years   Normal1750 – 5272ng/mL
Male74 Years   Normal1701 – 5182ng/mL
Male75 Years   Normal1649 – 5084ng/mL
Male76 Years   Normal1595 – 4979ng/mL
Male77 Years   Normal1542 – 4871ng/mL
Male78 Years   Normal1489 – 4761ng/mL
Male79 Years999 YearsNormal1436 – 4651ng/mL
Female  Years1 YearsNormal1086 – 3146ng/mL
Female1 Years   Normal1228 – 3352ng/mL
Female2 Years   Normal1420 – 3752ng/mL
Female3 Years   Normal1614 – 4136ng/mL
Female4 Years   Normal1810 – 4505ng/mL
Female5 Years   Normal2007 – 4860ng/mL
Female6 Years   Normal2203 – 5202ng/mL
Female7 Years   Normal2397 – 5535ng/mL
Female8 Years   Normal2588 – 5858ng/mL
Female9 Years   Normal2774 – 6172ng/mL
Female10 Years   Normal2951 – 6474ng/mL
Female11 Years   Normal3116 – 6761ng/mL
Female12 Years   Normal3264 – 7031ng/mL
Female13 Years   Normal3392 – 7282ng/mL
Female14 Years   Normal3501 – 7512ng/mL
Female15 Years   Normal3589 – 7720ng/mL
Female16 Years   Normal3658 – 7905ng/mL
Female17 Years   Normal3705 – 8065ng/mL
Female18 Years   Normal3734 – 8198ng/mL
Female19 Years   Normal3745 – 8302ng/mL
Female20 Years   Normal3739 – 8374ng/mL
Female21 Years   Normal3718 – 8413ng/mL
Female22 Years   Normal3684 – 8418ng/mL
Female23 Years   Normal3638 – 8394ng/mL
Female24 Years   Normal3583 – 8342ng/mL
Female25 Years   Normal3521 – 8265ng/mL
Female26 Years   Normal3454 – 8167ng/mL
Female27 Years   Normal3386 – 8055ng/mL
Female28 Years   Normal3319 – 7934ng/mL
Female29 Years   Normal3255 – 7808ng/mL
Female30 Years   Normal3195 – 7681ng/mL
Female31 Years   Normal3140 – 7552ng/mL
Female32 Years   Normal3088 – 7422ng/mL
Female33 Years   Normal3041 – 7292ng/mL
Female34 Years   Normal2998 – 7165ng/mL
Female35 Years   Normal2960 – 7043ng/mL
Female36 Years   Normal2925 – 6929ng/mL
Female37 Years   Normal2895 – 6826ng/mL
Female38 Years   Normal2869 – 6734ng/mL
Female39 Years   Normal2846 – 6652ng/mL
Female40 Years   Normal2825 – 6580ng/mL
Female41 Years   Normal2804 – 6517ng/mL
Female42 Years   Normal2785 – 6460ng/mL
Female43 Years   Normal2765 – 6408ng/mL
Female44 Years   Normal2744 – 6358ng/mL
Female45 Years   Normal2723 – 6306ng/mL
Female46 Years   Normal2700 – 6252ng/mL
Female47 Years   Normal2677 – 6198ng/mL
Female48 Years   Normal2654 – 6145ng/mL
Female49 Years   Normal2633 – 6096ng/mL
Female50 Years   Normal2614 – 6052ng/mL
Female51 Years   Normal2598 – 6017ng/mL
Female52 Years   Normal2588 – 5994ng/mL
Female53 Years   Normal2583 – 5989ng/mL
Female54 Years   Normal2585 – 6000ng/mL
Female55 Years   Normal2590 – 6021ng/mL
Female56 Years   Normal2594 – 6044ng/mL
Female57 Years   Normal2594 – 6059ng/mL
Female58 Years   Normal2587 – 6061ng/mL
Female59 Years   Normal2574 – 6049ng/mL
Female60 Years   Normal2556 – 6026ng/mL
Female61 Years   Normal2535 – 5997ng/mL
Female62 Years   Normal2512 – 5963ng/mL
Female63 Years   Normal2488 – 5927ng/mL
Female64 Years   Normal2465 – 5891ng/mL
Female65 Years   Normal2444 – 5855ng/mL
Female66 Years   Normal2425 – 5822ng/mL
Female67 Years   Normal2408 – 5791ng/mL
Female68 Years   Normal2391 – 5761ng/mL
Female69 Years   Normal2374 – 5728ng/mL
Female70 Years   Normal2355 – 5692ng/mL
Female71 Years   Normal2333 – 5652ng/mL
Female72 Years   Normal2308 – 5608ng/mL
Female73 Years   Normal2281 – 5562ng/mL
Female74 Years   Normal2252 – 5514ng/mL
Female75 Years   Normal2220 – 5464ng/mL
Female76 Years   Normal2187 – 5412ng/mL
Female77 Years   Normal2151 – 5357ng/mL
Female78 Years   Normal2114 – 5300ng/mL
Female79 Years   Normal2076 – 5239ng/mL
Female80 Years999 YearsNormal2038 – 5177ng/mL

Clinical Info

IGFBP-3 is used as an aid in the evaluation of growth disorders. It is growth hormone (GH) dependent and therefore useful in the evaluation of GH secretion.

Clinical Limitation

For diagnostic purposes, the results obtained from this assay should always be used in combination with the clinical examination, patient medical history, and other findings.