Parasite Identification

Test Mnemonic


CPT Codes

  • 87169 - QTY (1)


  • Arthropod Identification
  • Bedbug Identification
  • Louse Identification
  • Mite Identification
  • Scabies
  • Tick Identification
  • Worm Identification

Performing Laboratory

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
OtherWorm or Worm SegmentsClean container AmbientSpecimen can be placed in a few mls of 70% ethanol or 10% formalin to prevent drying.
OtherSkin Scraping for ScabiesClean container AmbientPlace skin scrapings on a glass microscope slide. Cover with a 2nd clean slide; rubber band them together and submit to lab in a clean container.
OtherArthropods, Bugs, TicksClean container Ambient 


Environmental Condition Description
Ambient1 week
Refrigerated1 week

Days Performed

Sun - Sat

Turnaround Time

4 days


Name Description

Reference Range

Parasite Identification
Sex Age From Age To Type Range Range Unit
       No parasite detected 

Special Info

Charges will be determined based on the organism identification. Worm/mites will charge CPT 87169 and ticks/arthropods will charge CPT 87168.

Clinical Info

For identification of worms or other parasites including arthropods, ticks, bedbugs, mites, scabies, louse.