Pyruvic Acid

Test Mnemonic


CPT Codes

  • 84210 - QTY (1)




  • Pyruvate

Performing Laboratory

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
4 mLBloodPotassium oxalate/sodium fluoride (Gray) RefrigeratedRefer to special information for processing instructions.


Environmental Condition Description
Ambient8 hours *Stability information is for TCA treated sample.
Refrigerated6 days *Stability information is for TCA treated sample.
Frozen3 days *Stability information is for TCA treated sample.

Days Performed

Mon - Fri

Turnaround Time

1 - 3 days


Name Description

Reference Range

Pyruvic Acid
Sex Age From Age To Type Range Range Unit
       Normal0.03 - 0.10mmol/L

Special Info

Place whole blood on ice immediately after collection. Deproteinize whole blood within 30 minutes of collection to stop additional evolution of lactate/pyruvate. Specimen processing / deproteinization instructions: Collect one 5 mL gray (sodium fluoride/potassium oxalate) tube. Within 30 minutes of draw, add 1 mL well mixed blood to 2 mL cold 12% TCA. Repeat with separate 1 mL of oxalated whole blood into a second tube of cold 12% TCA. (Note: 1:2 ratio of blood to 12% TCA must be maintained for accurate quantitation). Vortex precipitation tubes vigorously and refrigerate or place on wet ice for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of cold incubation, centrifuge for 10 minutes at 1000G. Decant supernatant into a clean, well-sealed transport tube. Label tube as "TCA Precipitate". Precipitated sample can be transported at refrigerated temperature. *Stability Information is for precipitated sample.

Clinical Info

Evaluation of lactic acidosis and other selective metabolic disorders