Sural Nerve Biopsy

CPT Codes

  • 88305 - QTY (1)


  • Nerve Biopsy

Performing Laboratory

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Volume Type Container Collect Temperature Transport Temperature Special Instructions
2.5 cmSural nerveClean container AmbientIf fresh deliver immediately to Surgical Pathology or deliver one half stretched fixed in formalin and the other half stretched fixed in gluteraldehyde. Nerve biopsy worksheet must accompany specimen.

Days Performed

Mon - Fri

Turnaround Time

2 days


Name Description
Electron Microscopy  
Electron Microscopy  

Reference Range

Special Info

Adhesive label with patient's name and unique identifier must be attached to specimen container. Submit Surgical Pathology Requisition and Nerve Biopsy Worksheet with specimen. Nerve biopsy worksheet may be obtained from Pathology at ext. 46781. REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW: Requisition must be completely filled out with date of procedure, patient's name, date of birth or age, clinical history, clinician, location of procedure, specimen submitted, initial of nurse who assisted with procedure and any requests for special procedures (i.e. FS).

Clinical Info

Interpretation by Pathologist.