April 2018: Changes to Chemistry Tests

Special Communication

Changes to Chemistry Tests

Changes effective as of April 17, 2018


6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) Confirmation, Urine (U6AMCO)

Amphetamine Confirmation, Urine (UAMPC)

Benzodiazepines Conf, Urine (UBENZC)

Benzoylecgonine Confirmation/Quantitation (BECGO)

Buprenorphine Quant, Urine (UQNTBU)

Cannabinoid Confirmation, Urine (UTHCC)

Cocaine Confirmation, Urine (UCOCC)

Fentanyl and Metabolite, Urine (UFENT)

Methadone Quantitation, Urine (UQMET)

Opiate Confirmation, Urine (OPICON)

Oxycodone Confirmation, Urine (UOXYCC)

Quantitative Pain Panel, Urine (UQNTPP)

Tramadol and Metabolite, Quantitation (TRAQNT)

Build / Reference Range

Specimen Validity pH, Urine:
4.5 – 8.0

Specimen Validity Specific Gravity, Urine:
1.002 – 1.030

Specimen Validity Creatinine, Urine:

18–99 Years (Male):
46.8 – 314.5 mg/dL

18–99 Years (Female):
42.2 – 237.9 mg/dL

Specimen Validity Nitrites, Urine:
≤ 50 mg/L

Specimen Validity Oxidants, Urine:
< 200 mg/L

Specimen Validity Chromate, Urine:
< 50 mg/L


In addition to build and special/clinical information changes, the following tests will also have an adjustment to the reference range for Oxycodone:


Opiate Confirmation, Urine (OPICON)

Oxycodone Confirmation, Urine (UOXYCC)

Quantitative Pain Panel, Urine (UQNTPP)

Reference Range

Oxycodone, Urine:
< 10 ng/mL

Special Information

Specimen Validity Testing (SVT) analytes have a stability of up to 5 days at 2 – 8 °C, as stated in the Instructions for Use (IFU).

Based on the laboratory’s studies, this stability is based on samples that have reached an equilibrium.

  • Introduction of oxidants to a urine sample will not be stable until an equilibrium is achieved.
  • Time to reach equilibrium will vary dependent on the type and amount of oxidant used as an adulterant.

Clinical Information

For Specimen Validity Interpretations, the following rules are applied:


Creatinine: ≥ 2 mg/dL but < 20 mg/dL

Specific Gravity: > 1.0010 but < 1.0030


Creatinine: < 2 mg/dL

Specific Gravity: < 1.0010 or ≥ 1.0200


pH: < 3.0 or ≥ 11.0

or Nitrites: ≥ 500 mg/L

or Oxidants: ≥ 200 mg/L

or Chromate: ≥ 50 mg/L

Any additional information will be included in a future Technical Update.  If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Client Services for assistance.