April 2022: Changes to CTELO, MECDS9, and K2 Testing

Special Communication

April 2022: Changes to CTELO, MECDS9, and K2 Testing

All changes effective May 16, 2022.

Changes to Reference Ranges

C Telopeptide, Beta Cross Linked (CTELO)


6 months – 29 years:
238-1019 pg/mL

30-39 years:
225-936 pg/mL

40-49 years:
182-801 pg/mL

50-59 years:
161-737 pg/mL

60-69 years:
132-752 pg/mL

70 years or greater:
118-776 pg/mL


136-689 pg/mL

177-1015 pg/mL

Changes to Test Build

Synthetic Cannabinoid Metabolites – Expanded, Urine (Qualitative) (K2)

Change Overview:

9 components have been removed

Components to be Reported:

5-fluoro-PINACA 3-methylbutanoic acid
4-fluoro-BINACA 3,3-dimethylbutanoic acid
5-fluoro-PICA 3,3-dimethylbutanoic acid
5-fluoro-PINACA3,3-dimethylbutanoic acid
MDMB-4en-PINACA butanoic acid
FUBINACA 3-methylbutanoic acid
FUBINACA 3,3-dimethylbutanoic acid

Test Discontinuations

Meconium Drug Screen 9 (MECDS9)

Reason for Discontinuation:
Vendor test discontinuation

Alternative Test:
Drug Detection Panel, Meconium, Qualitative (MECDRG) – Available 05/16/22