December 2017: Changes to Chemistry Testing Go-Live Dates

Special Communication

Changes to Chemistry Testing Go-Live Dates

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the go-live dates for the following tests will be delayed until the indicated date.

Please continue to follow the current protocol for testing until the revised go-live date.

January 9 Go-Live:

• Lithium (LI)

February 28 Go-Live:

• Acetaminophen (ACETM)
• Amikacin, Post Dose (AMIKPO)
• Amikacin, Pre Dose (AMIKPR)
• Amikacin, Random (AMIKRA)
• Ammonia (NH3)
• Carbamazepine (CARBAM)
• Ceruloplasmin (CERULO)
• Digoxin (DIG)
• Ethanol (ALCO)
• Gentamicin, Post Dose (GENTPO)
• Gentamicin, Pre Dose (GENTPR)
• Gentamicin, Random (GENTRA)

• Mycophenolic Acid (MYCOPH)
• Phenobarbital (PHEN)
• Phenytoin (PHT)
• Salicylate (SALI)
• Theophylline (THEO)
• Tobramycin, Post Dose (TOBRPO)
• Tobramycin, Pre Dose (TOBRPR)
• Tobramycin, Random (TOBRRA)
• Toxicology Screen, Urine (UTOX2)
• Toxicology Screen, Urine with Confirmation (UTOXWC)
• Valproic Acid (VPA)
• Vancomycin (VANCRA)

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Client Services for assistance.