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July 2023: Updates to COMAP, DRGTOF, MECDRG, TAPENU, and UASFR

Special Communication

July 2023: Changes to COMAP, DRGTOF, MECDRG, TAPENU, and UASFR Testing

All changes effective August 21, 2023.

Changes to Specimen Requirements

Complement, Alternate Pathway (AH50), Functional (COMAP)

Specimen Type

1 mL

Minimum Volume
0.3 mL

Collection Container
Red Serum (Plain) Tube

Transport Temperature
Frozen, Critical (-70°C)

Specimen Instructions/Other Information
Locations without a -70°C freezer should not collect this test.

Do not use gel separator tubes.

Allow specimen to clot for 1 hour at room temperature. Centrifuge (at refrigerated temperature if possible) and separate serum from cells ASAP or within 2 hours of collection. Transfer into standard aliquot tube and freeze immediately in a -70°C freezer.

Separate specimens must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.

Unacceptable conditions include specimen types other than serum, specimens left to clot at refrigerated temperature, specimens exposed to repeated freeze/thaw cycles, or specimens that are grossly hemolyzed, lipemic, or icteric.

Changes to Reference Ranges

Complement, Alternate Pathway (AH50), Functional (COMAP)

Reference Range
>= 31 % normal

Drug Detection Panel, TOF-MS, Umbilical Cord Tissue (DRGTOF)

Cutoff 1 ng/g

Cutoff 1 ng/g

Proinsulin, Intact (IPROIN)

18 Years to 99 Years:
<= 7.2 pmol/L

Changes to Test Build

Drug Detection Panel, Meconium, Qualitative (MECDRG)

New Component

Mitragynine (Kratom)
Cutoff 25 ng/g

Tapentadol Quant, Urine (TAPENU)

Remove Components

Tapentadol glucuronide, Urine
Tapentadol-O-sulfate, Urine
N-desmethyltapentadol, Urine

Arsenic, Fractionated Urine (UASFR)

New Component

Arsenic Fractionation Interpretation